China fluid coupling

China fluid coupling

Extremely easy start-ups /lowers motor overloads
Load sharing
Shock dampening
Jam load protection
Self lubricating
Simple and person friendly
Install and neglect

Electrical motor and internal combustion engines

Inline and aspect load apps

China fluid coupling
Set Fill Fluid Coupling

We listed here at Kraft provide a total line service for Transfluid items.

Hundreds of clients proceed to pick Transfluid goods for the most varied and demanding apps, being aware of that they can depend on at any time Power’s technological solutions division, in which style, engineering and planning authorities are constantly on hand to help take care of client’s troubles as rapidly as possible.

Transfluid Couplings
Transfluid has constantly been a stage of reference in the world of industrial transmission equipment and the rule by which its opponents measure on their own. Call for a lot more information, and to get: +86-13083988828
Fluid couplings, variable pace drives, brakes, clutches, couplings and hydraulic transmissions represent the main of the merchandise line, while ultra-contemporary technological innovation, watchful selection of materials and meticulous assembly are the key elements in the recipe that has placed these merchandise at the forefront of the market.


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