in Zarqa Jordan

 in Zarqa Jordan

EPG is a expert company and exporter that is involved with the style, advancement and production.There is a specialized center of province level, EPG academician doing work station, experiment station for EPG post medical doctors, and nationwide 863 system set up in EPG group. With these platforms and robust specialized potential, the more than four hundred technicians have produced all selection of particular substantial precise and large toughness merchandise, executed mold plans for crucial parts in the auto and nationwide sector revitalizing program, resulting far more than 5000 produced over, between which 33 things are autonomous patent technologies with 4 patent authorized .We have exported our items to Korea, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Italy, Norway, the United states of america, Canada, and so forth.

 in Zarqa Jordan


استبدال اقتران اقتران rotex

باعتبارها واحدة من أبرز مصنعي وموردي ومصدري المنتجات لأدوات التوصيل الفكية المرنة ، فإننا نقدم وصلات الفك والعديد من منتجات أدوات التوصيل الأخرى. يرجى الاتصال بنا للحصول على التفاصيل.

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