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Gearbox for hoist

crane hoist gearbox, main hoist gearbox, which gearbox is used in hoist, crane gearbox manufacturers



Gearbox for hoist, crane hoist gearbox, main hoist gearbox, which gearbox is used in hoist, crane gearbox manufacturers



In the production and application of gear box hoist with the continuous development of manufacturing technology, the performance of gearbox hoist is constantly enhanced. Common gear materials are carbon steel and carbon alloy steel such as 45 steel, 40Cr, 35SiMn, cast steel, cast iron, and other materials. From early carbon steel gear materials to surface hardened steel to a variety of complex processes. In the design of gear transmission, especially the closed transmission, if the design of gear does not fully consider the hardness of the gear, it will have a great influence on the performance of the transmission system. Such as common gear failure: tooth surface pitting, root fatigue fracture, etc., are related to gear hardness and gear quality. Differences between hardened and softened gearbox hoist in hard and soft tooth surface: one: soft tooth surface gear transmission (tooth surface hardness < 350 HBS), at least one of the gearbox lifts is soft tooth surface, which is often used in general low and medium speed gear transmission with low accuracy requirements. Two: hard tooth gear transmission (tooth surface hardness & GT;350 HBS), both gearbox hoists have hard tooth surfaces. It is often used for gear transmission with a strong bearing capacity and small volume. 

1. Gearbox calabash is made of high-quality alloy steel after carburizing and quenching, the hardness of tooth surface is 54-62HRC. 2. Small size, lightweight, high precision, large bearing capacity, high efficiency, long life, high reliability, stable transmission, low noise. 3, center distance, nominal transmission ratio and other main parameters optimization, main parts, and parts interchange. 4. Generally, oil pool lubrication and natural cooling are used. When thermal power generation cannot be satisfied, circulating oil or fan lubrication can be used. Cooling coil cooling. Quenching gearbox hoist features: (1) center distance, center height, transmission ratio are priority numbers. (2) The gear parameters and structure are optimized by the computer. (3) Gear is made of high-quality high strength low carbon alloy steel for carburizing and quenching. High hardness of tooth surface, gear precision up to international standard level 6. (4) High transmission efficiency, low noise, bearing capacity to the world’s advanced level in the 1990s, hard gear box hoist installation notes :1, according to the actual need to adopt a variety of installation forms, six can be installed. 3. The working mechanism of the prime mover and gearbox hoist should be carefully aligned, and the error should not be greater than the allowable compensation of the coupling used. 4, after installation by hand, must be flexible, no stuck phenomenon.