Rotationsschneidgetriebe – Ersatz für Omni Code RC-145

ept-rc145 Getriebe


Rotationsschneidgetriebe – Ersatz für Omni Code RC-145

ept-rc145 Getriebe

ept-rc145 Getriebe


Rotary cutters main Operation checking points:

Make sure all guards and shields are in place.

Please refer to important Safety Information. 

Read and follow up on hookups and preparations

The instructions. See section 1: Assembly and Settings “.

Read and make necessary adjustments.

See section: Adjustments. 

Lubricate tool and drive system when necessary.

See “Lubrication points”.

Make sure all transmissions are correct

All plugs are lubricated

Replace normal.

See gear case lubrication.

Check the tool regularly for looseness

Bolts and fixing pins. Refer to “Torque Value Diagram”

Important at the end of your cutting season:

When units will be stored for an extended period of time, perform the following steps to prevent oil seal deterioration. Spray shaft extension with suitable dry film or similar preservative. Grease around the sealing strip to prevent drying and cracking. Fill the gearbox with enough oil to cover the top of the input seal. Remove respirator and replace with sealing plug. 5. Remember to put the oil back in the correct position before using it again. Check (and replace where necessary) the blades, bolts, and nuts on the tool. Clean the tool and repair any rust that may appear. If the safety sticker is damaged, replace it. Store rotary cutters in a clean, dry place.