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HGK and HGZ type roller frame is a kind of welding equipment, which is used for cylinder/pipe metal work-piece welding, polishing, assembling and etc.
The adjustable type could change the wheels’ distance through manual screw, automatic screw or screw bolt adjustment. It is controlled by AC frequency converter and the linear speed is displayed digitally. The machine is EPT and reliable.
For special customer need, we can design and manufacture other models accordingly.

Self align rollers series:
1, Equipment structure types: Fixed or mobile(optional);
2, Driving mode: Single, double speed reducer drive motor, roller quantity: Eight/set;
3, Rolled steel wheel of combinations: Steel, rubber roller, combined, wheel rotation speed regulating: Ac frequency conversion stepless speed (standard. Or electromagnetic stepless speed regulation;
4, Support workpiece: Clamp ampere frame automatically open, automatic reset;
5, EPT system: The remote control cabinet +box (line10-15 m) or pedal switches.

Adjustable rollers series:
1, Equipment structure types: Fixed and mobile;
2, The center distance of roller, adjustable (bolt adjustment, manual and EPT wire rod adjustment screw adjusting);
3, Rolled steel wheel of combinations: Steel, rubber roller, combined (carrying capacity;
4, Wheel rotation speed regulating mode: Ac frequency conversion stepless speed regulation;
5, EPT system: The remote control box control + (10~15M) or pedal switch, Obligate welding joint interface;
6, Applicable industries: Wind, pressure vessel, petrochemical, piping, boiler, steel structure, refrigeration equipment manufacturing equipment etc.

Self-align welding rollers
Model Max. Load (Ton) Wheels Applicable Pipe diameter Roller linear speed Motor power Speed adjustment
Metallic wheel Rubber wheel Single drive Double drive
Diamètre Width Diamètre Width Min. Max.
HGZ-05 5 244 20 250 100 250 2300 6-60 0.75   AC frequency stepless adjust
HGZ-10 10 294 25 300 120 320 2800 6-60 1.1  
HGZ-20 20 344 30 350 120 500 3500 6-60 1.5  
HGZ-30 30 344 30 350 120 500 4000 6-60 2.2  
HGZ-40 40 394 40 400 120 600 4200 6-60 3 2*1.5
HGZ-50 50 394 40 400 120 600 4500 6-60 3 2*1.5
HGZ-60 60 444 50 450 120 750 4800 6-60 4 2*2.2
HGZ-80 80 494 60 500 120 850 5000 6-60 4 2*3
HGZ-100 100 494 80 500 120 1000 5500 6-60 5.5 2*3
HGZ-150 150     600 280 1100 6000 6-60 7.5 2*4
HGZ-250 250     700 300 1200 7000 6-60 11 2*5.5

1, HGZ-400T roller frame mainly includes active wheel frame, EPT control system and etc.
2, Active roller frame base has two sets roller device which can turn a certain angle. Two sets of wheel device can rotate around its center axis angle, so they can automatically adjust the along with the workpiece size, to ensure smooth continuous when rotating.
3, Active roller is equipped with a set of drive device, includes the drive motor, reducer, coupling, coupling shaft and other components. Using domestic AC motor drive motor is driven by the first -stage worm gear drive with two roller device mandrel coaxial worm reducer, and through two sets of gears to drive the wheel rotates. It can balance the distribution of friction while workpiece rotates, the rotation of the workpiece smoothly and drive capability increased. This strengthens workpiece quality. Reducer lubrication is oil-immersed fully enclosed, to eliminate weld spatter, slag, dust and foreign invasion, to obtain maintenance-free and long life characteristics.
4, EPT control system consists of EPT control box and hand control box components.
EPT control box is made by a variable speed system, contactors, buttons and other components, mainly low-voltage EPT components using well-known brands such as Siemens, with reliable performance, easy maintenance.
Frequency speed control system is featured with low-noise, high-performance, multi-function drive, with wide range, constant torque speed characteristics, steady speed adjustment, no torque ripple. The control signal using analog control, speed display is high-precision digital display, with high overall stability, EPT anti-jamming capability. With EPT control boxes and hand control box, user can do commissioning and operation for each agency, both short and remote range. Flexible for operation, safe and convenient.
On the EPT control box are: Power indicator, power switch. On the manual control box panel are: Wheel speed adjustment knob and digital speed display, forward and reverse button and alarm reset.

Q1: I knew nothing about this machine, how am i know this machine will meet my working needs?
Please tell us your workpiece size or show specific drawings, we will give you professional solutions.
Q2: When I got this machine, but I don’t know how to use it. What should I do?
We provide overseas service and English manual, after installation, if any problems happen, we offer the remote video guidance and charging overseas service.
Q3: If some problems happen to this machine during warranty period, what should I do?
Contact us directly, we will supply free parts during machine warranty period. While we also supply free life long after-sales service.
Q4: If i want visit your factory, how can i get?
Company address:39#, Lian EPT U business park, HangZhou city, ZheJiang , China
Factory address:Xinhong Industrial Park, EPT HangZhou City, ZheJiang , China
1), Visa: if u need get a government visa, pls pay 20%(at least) prepayment for new customer. HangZhou government regulations. Thanks for support.
2), By train: HangZhou station. By air: HangZhou Shuofang Airport. We will drive u to our factory. 180km between HangZhou and HangZhou city. 
Q5: Why your sales office at HangZhou, but your factory located at HangZhou?
10 years ago. In response to the HangZhou government investment invitation, our leader moved the factory from HangZhou to HangZhou, purchased 15,000 square meters of land and built factories. In order to reduce production costs and sustainable development.
Tips: At present, the ZheJiang government is building the provincial high-speed railway. It is expected that HangZhou will open the subway in 2571.


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Heavy  China  in   Medina Saudi Arabia   falk 1020g20  manufacturer  Duty  in   Jacksonville United States   gear coupling fenner  near me shop  Steel Pipe Former System Roller Support Welding Rotator Truning Roll with top quality lowest price