Boîte de vitesses pour palan grue palan boîte de vitesses, boîte de vitesses principale de palan, quelle boîte de vitesses est utilisée dans le palan, fabricants de boîtes de vitesses de grue (Copie)

Gearbox for hoist

crane hoist gearbox, main hoist gearbox, which gearbox is used in hoist, crane gearbox manufacturers

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Gearbox for hoist, crane hoist gearbox, main hoist gearbox, which gearbox is used in hoist, crane gearbox manufacturers

boîte de vitesses de levage

boîte de vitesses de levage


The range of gearbox hoist is as follows :1. The speed of the high-speed shaft is not more than 1500 RPM. 2. The peripheral speed of gear transmission shall not exceed 20 m/s. The working environment temperature is -40~45 degrees Celsius. If it is lower than 0 degrees Celsius, the lubricating oil should be preheated to above 0 degrees Celsius before starting. Gearbox hoists can be used in both positive and negative directions. 1. The gear is made of high-strength low carbon alloy steel after carburizing and quenching. Tooth surface hardness up to HRC58-62. Gearbox hoist adopts grinding technology with high precision and good contact. 2, high transmission efficiency: single stage more than 96.5%, double stage more than 93%, three-stage more than 90%. 3. Smooth operation, low noise. 4. Small size, lightweight, long service life, high bearing capacity. 5. Easy to disassemble and install. 1. Models include ZDY single-stage cylindrical gearbox hoist, ZLY two-stage cylindrical gearbox hoist, ZSY three-level cylindrical gearbox hoist, ZFY four-level cylindrical gearbox hoist. 2. Specifications: single-stage :80, 100, 125, 160,200, 250, 280, 315, 355, 400, 450, 500, 560 two stages: 112, 125, 140, 160, 180, 200, 224,250, 280, 315, 355, 400, 450, 500, 560, 630, 710 160, 180, 200, 224, 250, 280,315, 355, 400, 450, 500, 560, 630, 710 class 4: 180, ticket price: 200,225, 250, 280, 320, 360, 450, 500, 560, 630, 710, 800 yuan 3. Representation method example: cylindrical gearbox hoist + low-speed center distance + nominal transmission ratio + assembly form + standard number D represents single-stage,L represents two stages,S represents three stages,F represents four stages,Y represents four stages of hard gear. Steering regulations: the speed gearbox hoist with the retractor can only run in one direction. The steering adjustment is: facing the output axis, the output axis clockwise operation is “S”, the counterclockwise operation is “N”. Current situation: At present, the overall technical level and equipment level of the domestic metal products industry is still far behind that of industrially developed countries. Wire drawing machines, auxiliary equipment, lubrication technology, wire production, wire drawing die quality and other subjects are still relatively backward. Facing the actual situation of China’s metal products industry, it is not realistic to simply pursue advanced large and high-speed wire drawing machines. For drawing machine designers and manufacturers, the focus of the work should be design, a reliable operation, simple operation and maintenance, the high production efficiency of the drawing machine.