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Gearbox for hoist

crane hoist gearbox, main hoist gearbox, which gearbox is used in hoist, crane gearbox manufacturers

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Gearbox for hoist, crane hoist gearbox, main hoist gearbox, which gearbox is used in hoist, crane gearbox manufacturers

boîte de vitesses de levage

boîte de vitesses de levage

1. Z series spiral bevel gear box elevator is a first-class spiral bevel gear box, a transmission ratio of 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3. 2. High transmission efficiency, single gearbox hoist efficiency up to 96%. 3. Can be equipped with a single horizontal axis, single vertical axis, and double vertical axis. 1. Ambient temperature -40°C -+50°C(below 0C, lubricating oil should be heated to above 0C. 2. The altitude should not exceed 1000 meters. 3. The input speed shall not exceed 1800 RPM, and the maximum circumferential speed of the gear shall not exceed 22m/s. Can be used for positive and negative operations. 5. No industry restrictions.

DBY, DCY conical cylindrical hardened gear box elevator is an external involute helical gearbox elevator manufactured according to the national standard JB/T8853-1999. Products have been optimized, with the international advanced level of the 1990s, widely used in metallurgy, mining, lifting, transportation, cement, construction, chemical, textile, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical, and other industrial sectors. Use: hardened spur gearbox hoist (referred to as gearbox hoist) for output shaft along the vertical direction of the transmission device is mainly used in belt conveyor and a variety of transport machinery, but also used in coal, metallurgy, chemical, building materials, light industry, petroleum, and other general machinery transmission machinery. Performance features :1. High load capacity 2. Low noise 3. Long service life


Structure: the first stage of the gear box hoist is the Gleason spiral bevel gear, the second and third stage drivers are involute cylindrical bevel gear box hoist. Lubrication of gearbox gourds: Generally, the bearings of gearbox gourds and gearbox gourds splash and lubricate in oil pools and cool naturally. Only when the working balance temperature of the gearbox hoist exceeds the specified value, or the carrying power exceeds the fire PG1, the cycle lubrication is used, or the oil pool of the cooling pipe is used for lubrication. The large gearbox hoist is specially designed for the cement industry with low speed and heavy load, which is safe and reliable and has a long service life. It is used for cement grinding and grinding coal edge drive gearbox hoist. Large gearbox hoist adopts single-stage gearbox hoist structure with special thin oil station. Gearbox hoist adopts high-quality low carbon alloy steel, after carburizing and quenching treatment. Tooth surface grinding, high precision, large bearing capacity; Smooth transmission, low noise, long service life, small size, lightweight, and so on. Considering the site installation conditions, the split-type cover plate structure can be adopted through the end cover, which is conducive to the replacement of seals when the main engine is coupling.

The main body of the gearbox hoist (JDX large gearbox hoist) or the lower body (MBY large gearbox hoist) is equipped with lifting holes for lifting or transporting the gearbox hoist. Part of the gear box hoist after carburizing and hardening treatment, tooth surface grinding, meshing accuracy up to 6(GB/T10095). Because of the high meshing quality, the noise level of gearbox hoist is reduced and the reliable operation of the gearbox hoist is guaranteed. Gears and shafts are coupled using keys and interference fit. This coupling method can achieve reliable transmission of torque. JDX large gearbox hoist lubrication through thin oil lubrication station forced lubrication L-CKD heavy industrial gear oil for thin oil stations. (Related link: what lubricating oil is used for gearbox hoist lubrication and cooling) The nominal diameter of the supply pipe connected to the gearbox hoist and dilute oil station is: the diameter of XYZ125 is 40, the diameter of XYZ63 and XYZ40 is 32, and the diameter of XYZ25 is 25. The gear oil and any associated oil tank, line, and pump oil are preheated to 10°C prior to the gearbox starting. The pressure of lubricating oil should be between 0.15-03mpa after the circulating lubrication gearbox hoist reaches the normal working temperature. Mimeograph has two lines, indicating the low and high oil level of thin oil stations respectively. It is recommended to reach the high oil level when refueling. Check the oil level after the large transmission hoist has stopped spinning and the oil has cooled. Under no circumstances should the oil level be below the lower limit of the oil mark!