Réducteur planétaire - Sortie d'arbre

Entraînements planétaires OPH-0,OPH-1,OPH-2,OPH-3,OPH-6,OPH-12,OPH-18,OPH-30

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Réducteur planétaire - Sortie d'arbre

Réducteur planétaire - Sortie d'arbre

Réducteur planétaire - Sortie d'arbre

EPT planetary gear drives provide the reliability and performance required for demanding mobile and industrial applications. Custom standard models are ept’s specialty. We regularly offer custom output shafts, integral pinions, and special mounting configurations to meet our customers’ specific needs. Boom rotation, rotary drive, winch drive, disassembly equipment, and conveyor drive are just some of the applications used in our planetary gear and multi-disc brakes

In the case of the shaft output gearbox, the sun gear drives the coupled planetary components connected to the gearbox rotating carrier.

The annular portion is secured by a rotating actuator that transfers driving force to the shaft. The system housing is directly connected to the machine, and the output end is the rotating shaft. These types of gearboxes can provide up to 113 000 Nm output.、

A planetary gearbox with a smooth output shaft is ideal for a powerful connection to the coupling. You can also connect the planetary gearbox with the output shaft to your drive system with the gear shaft. This enables you to achieve maximum torque transfer, even in reverse mode.

Gear box mounting – square flange or custom & GT; Output shaft – 2.00 “diameter x3/8” key, 23 t 12/24 DP spline, 2.00 “diameter x 1/2” key, 2.25 “diameter x 1/2” key, 1.50 “x 3/8” in diameter, 2.00 “diameter x1/2” key (internal) or custom & gt; Input to install the SAE “A” (2 and 4 bolts), SAE “B” (2 bolts, 4 bolts), SAE “C” (2 bolts) and SAE “C” bolts (4) More size available. 

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