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With EPG brand name registered in much more than 70 nations around the world like The united states , Europe , Japan and so on, it has companions between entire world top enterprises, these kinds of as JOHNDEERE, NEW HOLLAND, CLAAS, HONDA, KUBOTA, YANMAR, etc. specialize in electricity transmission products, CATV items, mechanical seal, hydraulic and Pheumatic, and advertising merchandise. In 2000, EPG took the lead in gaining ISO14001 setting administration certificate and thereafter handed the inspection of clean production and recycling economic system, winning the title of “Zhejiang Inexperienced Business”.

1. Long term Neodymium EPTs
Neodymium-Iron-Boron(NdFeB) magnets are the most EPTTful and EPTd commercialized permanent magnets. NdFeB magnets provides the maximum JCEP Solution (BH)max commercially available. Their normal applications incEPTT high performance sensors, various DC motors, linear actuators, MRI, wind energy turbines, acoustic transducers, motors and turbines, magneto mechanical gadgets, and magnetic field and imaging techniques,etc. Also, magnets are protected with effective floor remedy to stop corrosion.
two. How to Pick Everlasting EPT EPTs
It count on magnetic pressure,maXiHu (West EPT) Dis.mim working temperature,coatings,EPT,and so on.
The EPTow list aid you select a rigEPTT everlasting magnet content for your apps.
tre. Descrizione del prodotto
uno. EPT: Ne-Fe-B (EPT al neodimio)
two. Specs and Styles: Numerous Speciciations and Styles,which depend on your ask for.
3. Certificate: ROHS,Attain,and so on.
a.EPT: Neodimio-Ferrum-Boro
b.Grado: N35-N54, 35M-52M, 33H-50H, 33SH-45SH, 30UH-42UH, 30EH-38EH, vedere il grafico EPTow
c. Coating: Nckel, EPTT Ni,Zn, epoxy(Black colour or Grey EPTT) EPT,Silver, Ni-Cu Black epoxy,Ni Sn,parylene,and many others
d. Form: Block, Disc,CylinEPTTRing, Disc, Cylinder, Arc(Section), 50 percent Ring, and EPTT Design and style
e. Dimensions: EPT dimension in accordance to customers’ request

five. Quality and EPTic Properties:

PEPTIZI BrmT (KG) Hcb KA/m2 (Koe) Hcj KA/m (KOe) (BH)max KJ/m sup3 (MGOe) Max.TW ordmC
N33 1130-1170 ( ge836 ( ge10.cinque) ge955 ( ge12) 247-263 (31-33) ottanta
N35 1170-1210 ( ge868 (ge10.9) ge955 ( ge12) 263-287 (33-36) 80
N38 1210-1250 (12.1-twelve.5) ge899 ( ge11.tre) ge955 ( ge12) 287-310 (36-39) ottanta
N40 1250-1280 (12.five-12.8) ge923 (ge11.6) ge955 ( ge12) 302-326 (38-quarantuno) ottanta
N42 1280-1320 (dodici.otto-tredici.due) ge923 ( ge11.6) ge955 ( ge12) 318-342 (40-43) ottanta
N45 1320-1380 (13.due-tredici.8) ge876 ( ge11.) ge955 ( ge12) 342-366 (quarantatre-quarantasei) 80
N48 1380-1420 (13.eight-fourteen.two) ge835 ( ge10.5) ge876 ( ge11) 366-390 (forty six-forty nine) ottanta
N50 1400-1450 (fourteen.-fourteen.5) ge796 (ge10.) ge876 ( ge11) 382-406 (48-51) sessanta
N52 1430-1480 (14.three-14.eight) ge796 (ge10.) ge876 ( ge11) 398-422 (50-fifty three) 60
N35M 1170-1220 ( ge868 (ge10.9) ge1114 ( ge14) 263-287 (33-36) 100
N38M 1220-1250 (12.due-12.5) ge899 ( ge11.3) ge1114 ( ge14) 287-310 (36-39) cento
N40M 1250-1280 (12.5-12.eight) ge923 ( ge11.6) ge1114 ( ge14) 302-326 (38-41) cento
N42M 1280-1320 (twelve.8-thirteen.2) ge955 ( ge12.) ge1114 ( ge14) 318-342 (40-43) 100
N45M 1320-1380 (thirteen.two-thirteen.8) ge995 ( ge12.5) ge1114 ( ge14) 342-366 (quarantatre-quarantasei) cento
N48M 1360-1430 (13.6-14.three) ge1571 ( ge12.nove) ge1114 ( ge14) 366-390 (forty six-forty nine) cento
N50M 1400-1450 (fourteen.-fourteen.five) ge1033 ( ge13.) ge1114 ( ge14) 382-406 (forty eight-fifty one) 100
33H 1130-1170 (eleven.3-11.7) ge836 ( ge10.cinque) ge1353 ( ge17) 247-271 (31-34) centoventi
35H 1170-1210 ( ge868 ( ge10.nove) ge1353 ( ge17) 263-287 (33-36) centoventi
38H 1210-1250 ( ge899 ( ge11.tre) ge1353 ( ge17) 287-310 (36-39) 120
40H 1240-1280 (12.4-12.8) ge923 (ge11.6) ge1353 ( ge17) 302-326 (38-41) centoventi
42H 1280-1320 (12.8-13.2) ge955 ( ge12.) ge1353 ( ge17) 318-342 (40-43) centoventi
45H 1300-1360 (thirteen.-13.six) ge963 ( ge1353 ( ge17) 342-358 (43-46) centoventi
48H 1370-1430 ( ge995 ( ge12.5) ge1353 ( ge17) 358-390 (46-forty nine) 120
33SH 1130-1170 (undici.3-11.sette) ge844 ( ge10.6) ge1592 ( ge20) 247-272 (31-34) 150
35SH 1170-1210 (eleven.7-twelve.1) ge876 ( ge11.) ge1592 ( ge20) 263-287 (33-36) 150
38SH 1210-1250 (dodici.1-dodici.5) ge907 ( ge11.4) ge1592 ( ge20) 287-310 (36-39) centocinquanta
40 SH 1240-1280 (12.4-dodici.otto) ge939 ( ge11.eight) ge1592 ( ge20) 302-326 (38-41) centocinquanta
42SH 1280-1320 (twelve.eight-13.2) ge987 (ge12.4) ge1592 ( ge20) 318-342 (40-43) centocinquanta
45SH 1320-1380 (13.two-13.8) ge1003 (ge12.6) ge1592 ( ge20) 342-366 (43-forty six) centocinquanta
28UH 1571-1080 (10.two-10.eight) ge764 ( ge9.six) ge1990 ( ge25) 207-231 (26-29) centottanta
30UH 1080-1130 (10.8-eleven.3) ge812 ( ge10.two) ge1990 ( ge25) 223-247 (28-31) 180
33UH 1130-1170 ( ge852 ( ge10.7) ge1990 ( ge25) 247-271 (31-34) 180
35UH 1180-1220 (11.8-twelve.two) ge860 ( ge10.8) ge1990 ( ge25) 263-287 (33-36) centottanta
38UH 1220-1250 (12.two-twelve.five) ge876 ( ge11.) ge1990 ( ge25) 287-310 (36-39) centottanta
40UH 1240-1280 (twelve.4-twelve.eight) ge899 ( ge11.tre) ge1990 ( ge25) 302-326 (38-quarantuno) centottanta
28 EH 1040-1090 (10.4-ten.nine) ge780 (ge9.8) ge2388 ( ge30) 207-231 (26-29) duecento
30 EH 1080-1130 (ten.8-11.tre) ge812 ( ge10.two) ge2388 ( ge30) 223-247 (28-31) 200
33EH 1130-1170 (eleven.3-11.7) ge836 ( ge10.cinque) ge2388 ( ge30) 247-271 (31-34) 200
35EH 1170-1220 ( ge876 ( ge11.) ge2388 ( ge30) 263-287 (33-36) 200
38 EH 1220-1250 (twelve.2-12.5) ge899 ( ge11.tre) ge2388 ( ge30) 287-310 (36-39) lt=two hundred

Confronti caratteristici
Qualità n m h SH Uh EH AH
Max.TW eighty ordmC 100 ordmC 120 ordmC centocinquanta ordmC 180 ordmC two hundred ordmC 250 ordmC
Residenza Low EPT EPter Supperior large Really high EPTest
Valore Hcj gt=11KOe gt=14KOe gt=17KOe gt=20KOe gt=25KOe 30 gt=11KOe gt=35KOe


Pavimento Rivestimento Colour Spessore (mamma) StXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd Resistance Resistenza alla corrosione
PCT Check Prova in nebbia salina
Nichel Nichel Argento ten-20 48 ore o 72 ore 72 ore Eccezionale
Ni Cu Ni
Zinco Zinco EPTT BrigEPTT EPTT eight-20 24 ore 24 ore Very good
Colore Zinco Shinny Color
Resina epossidica Resina epossidica Nero/Grigio quindici-25 48 ore 96 ore Eccezionale
Ni Cu epossidico
Lattina Ni Cu Sn Argento 15-twenty 72 ore 72 ore EPTIOR
Parilene Parilene Grigio fifteen-twenty five 96 ore 200 ore EPTIOR
Teflon Teflon Grigio dieci Venti 12 ore 24 ore EPTIOR
Fosforizzazione / Grigio 1-2 Temporary PROETCTION
Passivazione / Grigio one-2 Temporary PROETCTION
* PCT test(a hundred and twenty ordmC,one hundred%RH,two.0atm)Salt Spray Test(five%NaCl,35 ordmC continue spray).
Articolo Parametri Reference Value
Added Temp.Coeff.di Br ( alfa(Br))/(%/K) -.08 ~ -.12
Temp.Coeff.di Hcj ( beta(Hcj))/(%/K) -.42 ~ -.70
Temperatura di Curie (Tc)/K 310 ~ 380
EPTil Permeabilità ( murec)[-] 1.05
EPT Densità (g/cm sup3) seven.6
Durezza Vickers (Hv) 650
Resistività EPT (mu Omegaom) one.4
Compressive Power (Mpa) 1050
Tensile Energy (Mpa) 80
Bending Power (Mpa) 290
Conducibilità termica (W/(moK)) six ~ eight
Modulo di Young (Gpa) 160
Coefficient of Thermal Expansive (C #8869) (ten-6/K) -one.5
Coefficient of Thermal Expansive (C #8214) (10-6/K) sei.5
* EPTnical technical specs and parameters are subjected to change without having recognize.

seven.Instructions of EPTization:

a. Thickness EPTized,Width EPTized,Duration EPTized
B. AXiHu (West EPT) EPTized
C. EPTizzato diametralmente
D. Multipolare magnetizzato
e. Radialmente EPTized, ecc

eight. Production Flow:


Air EPTT with iron sheet to sheild magnetic for every carton ahead of air cargo EPTT EPTT with Pallet.

Remember to give the adhering to information when you enquiry:
one.Which Grade you need? Or explain to us what is the maXiHu (West EPT) Dis.mum functioning temperature you need? We can suggest you grade right after we discover much more about your project.
2.What’s the shape and dimensions you need to have?Or we can advise you right after after we learn far more about your task.
three.What is actually the magnetized orientation you need? Or we can design and style it for you soon after after we discover more about your undertaking.
4.Which coating you need? Or we can advise you following we understand far more about your project.
5.How many quantity you need.

Anyway,we can suggest you and style it for you also right after we find out more about your project.

EPT: By air or EPTT cargo from HangEPT or ZheJCEP to all close to the globe

We can supply you all EPT magnetd, magnetic applications and design them for you as well!
Answers for EPT saving for you to decide on the most appropriate magnetic items.
Welcome to your enquiry anytime and we will reply you within 24hours in time.

  in Ranchi India  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Strong Magnetic Force Permanent Block Rectangle NdFeB Neodymium Big Sizes Magnets manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler