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Gearbox for hoist

crane hoist gearbox, main hoist gearbox, which gearbox is used in hoist, crane gearbox manufacturers


Gearbox for hoist, crane hoist gearbox, main hoist gearbox, which gearbox is used in hoist, crane gearbox manufacturers

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riduttore di sollevamento


Advantages: In order to adapt to the fierce market competition and better serve the domestic metal products industry, the design of the wire drawing machine transmission system is also changing to the transmission form of hard tooth surface gear. Specific performance, the market is taking A more powerful combination, narrow V for wire drawing machine adopts the combination of hardened gearbox elevator, with A standard to adapt to the overall structure of the wire drawing machine, gearbox gourd effectively install box, main shaft and gearbox gourd and reel, the combination of form A wire drawing machine drive system, match with hard gear as the main form of transmission. Compared with the secondary enveloping worm gear pair, the standard hardened surface gearbox hoist has the following advantages :1. High transmission efficiency, strong bearing capacity; 2. Flexible ratio and convenient combination; 3, easy to install; 4. Reasonable cost; 5, modular design can be realized; 6. Trends, etc. The quenched gearbox hoist is driven by helical gear. The efficiency of closed gear is 0.95–0.98. The theoretical maximum transmission power is “50000kW; Velocity v/(m/s)< = 130; For double enveloping worm gear and worm, in the case of high processing accuracy and good lubricity, the transmission efficiency can only reach 0.95, but when the general rod drive, the efficiency is generally in the range of 0.70-0.92. Due to thermal limitations, the maximum transmission power Pi (kW) =750, but is usually “50 kW. At present, high-speed, large-size wire drawing machine has become the mainstream of the market. The application of high-power motors in large wire drawing machines is quite common. The use of hard gear transmission with high transmission efficiency will bring a better economy for users. Good efficiency, good market expectations. There is a proportional relationship between gear ratio and transmitted power, but a larger gear ratio means a larger center distance between gearbox hoists. A large size wire drawing machine is characterized by a large wire diameter, wire drawing force, the required tension, resulting in the box, being large. In the case of the same gear ratio, gear transmission can be increased to achieve the desired speed ratio, but the worm gear is affected by the installation form (worm gear can only be installed horizontally due to lubrication conditions). Only a large cabinet structure can be used. Whether it is hardened surface gearbox hoist or secondary enveloping worm gear pair, advanced and reasonable design, high-precision manufacturing, assembly, and comprehensive performance testing, correct assembly is an important guarantee for long life, safe and reliable operation of the gearbox. Link. As far as the current situation is concerned, the installation of secondary enveloping worm gear pair is mainly assembled by our factory’s assemblers to the cabinet designed by the designer. The meshing quality of worm gear is mainly determined by the experience and quality of assemblers, which will affect the service life of worm gear more prominent human factors. There are no gear assembly problems with hardened gearbox hoists. Installation considerations mainly lie in the design stage, such as: how to center positioning, how to prevent the interference of oil pump tubing, how to ensure the installation size of the frame, etc. You can install these components. In terms of ease of installation, the hardened surface gearbox hoist has a good function.


Because the worm gear hoist material is tin bronze, it can be foreseen that with the rise of international and domestic non-ferrous metal prices, the price paid by worm gear will certainly rise. The modular design has gradually become the mainstream design mode, its advantage lies in the use of some special products on their own products to improve product quality. Modular design is the combination of certain elements of a product to form subsystems with specific functions. The system is used as a common module and other product components, forming a new system and generating multiple types. Several series of products have different functions or the same functions and different performances. For standard hardened gearbox hoists, the number of reels can be increased or decreased by adjusting the number of reels or by being the same on the same reel size within a certain speed ratio. The machine speed ratio can meet different technological requirements of users. This makes it possible to use the proven technology of gearbox hoist manufacturers to meet user needs in a shorter production cycle, which is particularly effective in shortening design and production cycles. With the development of technology and the application of computers, the calculation of gear tooth shape is more and more accurate, the development of the world transmission technology tends to adopt hard tooth surfaces. According to statistics, the use of a hardened surface gearbox hoist greatly improves the weight of the machine, miniaturization, and quality performance, so as to improve the speed of the machine at a level. In the future, the gearbox hoist will develop in the direction of heavy load, high speed, high precision, and high efficiency, and strive to be small in size, light in weight, long in life, and economical and reliable. Heavy load and wire drawing machine to large diameter wire development trend is consistent, and high speed can increase the unit capacity of wire drawing machine, which happens to coincide with the development trend of linear wire drawing machine.