Stainless Steel Chain (SS/SSK)

Great resistance to corrosion and heat that permits use in pretty much everywhere
You’ll find two styles of Stainless Steel Chain: SS and SSK. The SS variety has the highest resistance to corrosion and heat. Having said that, it truly is created entirely of austenite stainless steel and consequently its tensile power is somewhat lower than 70% of a normal roller chain, and greatest allowable load drops to just a little over 10%.
By using precipitation hardened stainless steel for your pins, bushes and rollers, the SSK form has 1.5 times greater greatest allowable load in contrast towards the SS kind. Decide on SSK whenever you want far more strength than SS, or need longer item life.
Both kinds have equivalent corrosion resistance.
Encouraged employs
?Disorders exposed to mild alkaline and mild acidic
chemical agents, sea water and wastewater. A variety of chemical plats and water treatment method plants.
?Ailments of high temperature
Heat-treating furnaces, dry furnaces, incinerators
Selection of chains
Stainless Steel Chain has lower average tensile power and greatest allowable load in contrast towards the standard roller chain.
Connecting links and offset hyperlinks
R connecting links are used for Stainless Steel Chains #60 or smaller and C connecting hyperlinks for #80 or more substantial. 2POJ offset links are applied for sizes #25, and OJ backlinks for all other sizes.
Regular sprockets for Stainless Steel chains could be utilised since the dimensions would be the same as common roller chains.
Being a common residence of stainless steel, tension corrosion
cracking and pitting corrosion can be triggered by chlorine and chlorine ion (CR-).
The chart on right displays the data of tests about the degree of corrosion resistance for every medium and does not assure the efficiency in the chains. Please think about the conditions, temperature, level and also other all round scenario when making use of.


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