Silent Chain

SC silent chains (SCA, SCR, SC)
SC silent chains use specially-coated round pins and specific plates to accomplish an ideal engagement mechanism, and will preserve a noise level remarkably reduce than standard roller chains.
SC sort silent chains may be used for high velocity and big tension transmission just like a toothed metallic belt since the plates straight engage using the sprockets for driving.
SCR-04 silent chains are intended with inner engaging structure for even further lowered noise degree.
PS silent chain
A PS kind silent chain includes a construction by which a set of specially formed connecting pins and locker pins speak to just about every other although rotating at each and every flexible bearing place. Hence, it generates significantly less heat especially in higher speed operation and is excellent in durability. Additionally, the specially formed pins tremendously minimize shock when the chain is engaged with sprockets, delivering a larger silencing effect than SC silent chains.
Sprockets for silent chains adopt particular modules in involute tooth varieties for the SCA 04××, SC 25××, SC 06×× over the prior page and PS silent chains to make certain silent substantial velocity operation. For all sizes, the sprocket tooth heads are often hardened by induction hardening or carburizing.


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