General Description
This energy unit features a long lasting magnet motor using a power up gravity down circuit. Activate the start solenoid to begin the motor to lift the machine. The lowing movement is activated by the solenoid valve using the reducing speed controlled through the strain compensated flow handle valve. Solutions of this series may be broadly used in the field of logistic products such as fork lift, mini lift table, etc.
Unique Notes
1. This energy unit is of S3 duty cycle, i.e.,non-continuous operation, 30 seconds on and 270 seconds off.
two. Clean all of the hydraulic parts concerned in advance of set up of the electrical power unit.
3. Viscosity from the hydraulic oil shoud be 15~46 cst, which really should also be clean and absolutely free of impurities. N46 hydraulic oil is proposed.
4. This power unit is intended to be mounted vertically.
five. Check the oil level while in the tank after the 1st star with the power unit.
6. Oil modifying is required soon after the preliminary 100 operation hours,afterwards the moment every 3000 hours.
7. More pump sizes and tank sizes are avaiable upon request.


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