Omni Gear PHD 26 Post Hole Digger Gearbox 250222의 44 HP 기어박스 교체



Right Angle gear drive

New Gearboxes which can exactly replacement of post hole digger worn parts – OMNI GEAR model PHD26HD vertical right Angle gearbox. Originally manufactured for PTO-driven column excavation systems. Tapered roller bearing. Spring-loaded three lip seals. A clockwise input rotation gives a clockwise output rotation. Cast-iron houses. The designed free suspension is connected from a support structure or boom to its 7/8 “diameter pin at the top of the gear box. 4 3/8 “-16 tap holes 3-3/8” diameter B.C. Install input shaft shielding and 4 3/8 “-16 tap holes 4-1/8” diameter B.C. Install output shaft shielding. Oil-free ships must be refueled before use according to the user’s manual.