OMNI 기어의 평행축 기어박스 교체

OMNI 기어의 평행축 기어박스 교체



OMNI 기어의 평행축 기어박스 교체

OMNI 기어의 평행축 기어박스 교체

OMNI 기어의 평행축 기어박스 교체

Parallel shaft helical gear reduction motor is characterized by compact structure, lightweight, ample torque, and excellent performance. Timely delivery within a short time. It is made from a rigid shell reinforced with sliders and high-quality alloy steel gears, hardened by carbon penetration and precisely ground. Smooth operation, low noise, large load, low consumption, high transmission efficiency, low-temperature rise, long service life. Installation methods include base, flange, torque arm, and so on. The output mode has a shaft, hollow shaft, mountain, and shrink plate to choose from.

1, F reducer superior performance, low energy consumption, helical gear reduction motor efficiency of up to 95%. 2. Low vibration, low noise, high energy saving, high-quality steel, rigid cast-iron box, high-frequency heat treatment of gear surface. 3. F Helical gear reducer saves space, is reliable and durable, has high overload capacity, and the power can reach more than 90Kw. 4, F reducer adopts modular design, small volume, lightweight, high efficiency, diverse structure, good heat exchange performance, high bearing capacity, is a new type of reducer transmission device, can be compared with our company’s other series of reducer units, to achieve low-speed transmission. 5, shaft adopts alloy steel quenching and tempering, bearing, oil seal, and other standard parts adopt international and domestic famous brands. 6, the reducer worm gear is made of wear-resistant alloy bronze; worm adopts the latest optimization design, using a hardened grinding process. The friction parts of the transmission are made of wear-resistant bearing steel, significantly improving efficiency and life. Structure: a- standard extension shaft coupling parallel shaft helical gear reducer; B. Fa-type parallel helical gear reducer; F type – flanged parallel helical gear reducer; D. AF type helical gear reducer with the flanged parallel shaft.










R 922 NEMA