Worm Gearbox – Nmrv with ISO CE Certificate Reducer

Design NO. NMRV FCNDK Alterations Way Stepped Substance Aluminium Trademark Set STAR Specification CE, Origin Hangzhou, China HS Code 84834090

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1.produced-of higher-good quality aluminium alloy,light-weight excess weight and non-rusting2. huge output torque3. clean managing and minimal noise4. high radiating efficiency5. excellent-seeking appearance,tough provider lifestyle and tiny volume6. suited for omnibeaing installationFCNDKSizeABCD(H7)D1(J6)EFGG1G2HILMN(h8)N1OPQR3054208014997325563514030566555296.575445740702310018(19)11121.543707860504071756036.fifty six.5875571.550803012025(24)1414449809274605085857043.fifty eight.51006484631004014425(28)1917467951129072631039580538.511080102751205017228(35)2420572112.5120105867511211595571114093119901405020835(38)2423874129.514012510390130130110671316010213511017060252.54228295-160155142127.51101441651307414200125167.513020080292.54530335-180170162147.51301552151808116250140187.5SizeSTVKKAKBKCKE&alpha&alpha1KMKN(H8)FFBFLFFBFLFFBFLFFBFLFFBFL305.521274454.five–six–four–M6X11(n,four) 045 068–fifty–406.52635606776.597797454M6X8(n,four)forty five 045 087115876095605073040709087.51209109555M8X10(n,four)forty five 045 0901309070110706383650858299112101110656M8X14(n,eight)45 045 01501651501151301157510406090111–thirteen–6–M8X14(n,8)45 045 0165–a hundred thirty–90114570100111–13–six–M10X18(n,8)45 045 0175–152–110145085115131–fifteen–6–M10X18(n,8)45 045 0230–one hundred seventy–1301560100120140–fifteen–six–M12X21(n,eight)forty five 022.five 0256–180–SizeKOKPKQbb1ftt1kgFFLFBFFBFLFFBFL306.5(n,four)–80–70–53-16.310.21.2409(n,4)nine.5(n,four)9(n,4)11014011095-956(six)4-twenty.8(21.eight)twelve.fifty two.35011(n,4)nine.five(n,4)1180142-1428(eight)6M628.3(31.3)21.fifty six.27514(n,4)—148M1048.833.048Motovario, SITI, STM,Our manufacturing facility is the main manufacturer and exporter of worm gear reducer in China. We had been launched in 1976. We are the very best seller in export of worm gears in China, 1st to attain export License and 1st to achieve ISO9001 and CE Certificate between producers of reducers in China. We are non-public enterprises since 1996. We have staff and workers of five hundred and the annually output previous 12 months is 25 million U. S. Dollars. About 70% of the complete output is exported to as several as 38 nations around the world these kinds of as United states of america, Canada, Italy, Spain, , Germany, United kingdom, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, and etc.Many thanks for your mail. We are extremely interested in cooperating with you. We are manufacturer and exporter of the subsequent products:1. Worm gear pace reducer (iron steel situations)two. Motovario kind aluminum scenario worm equipment velocity reducers3. SEW sort helical gear velocity reducers4. Sumitomo type cyclo generate gearboxes.five. ROTEX type jaw coupling6. Flange couplingLooking forward to the opertunity of cooperating with you in the around potential!

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Product NO. NMRV FCNDK Changes Way Stepped Content Aluminium Trademark Mounted STAR Specification CE, Origin Hangzhou, China HS Code 84834090

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1.produced-of high-high quality aluminium alloy,gentle weight and non-rusting2. large output torque3. sleek working and reduced noise4. substantial radiating efficiency5. very good-looking visual appeal,tough provider daily life and small volume6. ideal for omnibeaing installationFCNDKSizeABCD(H7)D1(J6)EFGG1G2HILMN(h8)N1OPQR3054208014997325563514030566555296.575445740702310018(19)11121.543707860504071756036.fifty six.5875571.550803012025(24)1414449809274605085857043.fifty eight.51006484631004014425(28)1917467951129072631039580538.511080102751205017228(35)2420572112.5120105867511211595571114093119901405020835(38)2423874129.514012510390130130110671316010213511017060252.54228295-160155142127.51101441651307414200125167.513020080292.54530335-180170162147.51301552151808116250140187.5SizeSTVKKAKBKCKE&alpha&alpha1KMKN(H8)FFBFLFFBFLFFBFLFFBFLFFBFL305.521274454.five–6–4–M6X11(n,4) 045 068–50–406.52635606776.597797454M6X8(n,four)45 045 087115876095605073040709087.51209109555M8X10(n,4)45 045 0901309070110706383650858299112101110656M8X14(n,8)45 045 01501651501151301157510406090111–13–6–M8X14(n,8)forty five 045 0165–130–90114570100111–13–6–M10X18(n,eight)forty five 045 0175–152–110145085115131–15–six–M10X18(n,8)45 045 0230–a hundred and seventy–1301560100120140–15–6–M12X21(n,eight)45 022.five 0256–a hundred and eighty–SizeKOKPKQbb1ftt1kgFFLFBFFBFLFFBFL306.five(n,four)–eighty–70–fifty three-16.310.21.2409(n,4)nine.5(n,4)9(n,four)11014011095-956(6)4-twenty.8(21.eight)12.fifty two.35011(n,four)9.5(n,4)1180142-1428(eight)6M628.three(31.three)21.fifty six.27514(n,4)—148M1048.833.048Motovario, SITI, STM,Our factory is the major company and exporter of worm gear reducer in China. We had been started in 1976. We are the ideal seller in export of worm gears in China, 1st to obtain export License and 1st to attain ISO9001 and CE Certificate between companies of reducers in China. We are private enterprises considering that 1996. We have employees and employees of 500 and the yearly output last 12 months is 25 million U. S. Pounds. About 70% of the overall output is exported to as many as 38 countries these kinds of as United states of america, Canada, Italy, Spain, , Germany, Uk, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, and and so on.Thanks for your mail. We are quite fascinated in cooperating with you. We are company and exporter of the adhering to items:1. Worm equipment velocity reducer (iron steel instances)2. Motovario variety aluminum case worm gear pace reducers3. SEW sort helical equipment pace reducers4. Sumitomo variety cyclo travel gearboxes.5. ROTEX kind jaw coupling6. Flange couplingLooking ahead to the opertunity of cooperating with you in the close to potential!


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