Powertrain de irrigação - substituição de acionamentos centrais n da engrenagem OMNI IR-922,IR-15,IR-20

Irrigation Powertrain – Center Drives replacement OMNI gear IR-922,IR-15,IR-20


Irrigation Powertrain – Center Drives replacement OMNI gear IR-922, IR-15,IR-20

Trem de força de irrigação - engrenagem OMNI de substituição de acionamentos centrais IR-922, IR-15, IR-20

Irrigation Powertrain – Center Drives replacement OMNI gear IR-922, IR-15,IR-20

Application for: Feed Blenders, Flail Mowers, Potato Harvesters, Pump Drives, Rock Pickers

Central pivot irrigation system reduction motor

20:1 ratio 11/2HP

25:1 ratio 1 1/2HP

30:1 ratio 11/2HP

40:1 ratio 3/4HP

50: 1 ratio 3/4HP

60:1 Ratio 3/4HP

Reduction motors for center pivot irrigation systems provide 3-phase,460/380 VOLT AC,60/50 Hz motors or single-phase,60/50 Hz motors. We provide multi-speed ratio, decelerating gearboxes, using 95% efficiency helical spur gears to transfer power to the final drive gear boxes. * Spray protection cover can increase moisture protection when the nozzle is located below the reduction motor. * Provides three-phase, single-phase, and inverter load applications. * Aluminum fin stator housing, low operating temperature. * Helical gear spur gear design offers a variety of transmission ratios. * All aluminum gearbox, lower operating temperature, long service life, higher corrosion resistance. * bolt installation mode more suitable for “x63/8” (33/8), (43/4 “x71/4”), and “x6” (5) bolt pattern. * All gears are heat treated. * Voltage: 460V 60Hz, 380V 50Hz and 208-230V 60Hz, 220-240V 50Hz thermal protection, automatic reset is located in the easily accessible junction box. * Specially designed input and output seals. * Top fill plug is positioned to set correct oil level. * All critical electrical connections are sealed with. covers and protected from moisture. * Class H conductors and class F insulation. * TFE lines on all magnetic wire to motor lead connections. * Smaller generators and smaller incoming line sizes can be used. * Efficiency:95%. F Stainless steel junction box cover. F Double shaft seals.