5kw  price  China  in Pachuca de Soto Mexico  3000rpm 48V Customized EPT  Use Permanent Magnet AC Motor with top quality

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Permanent Magnet Motor 5KW3000rpm48V EIF-PM548             

First, please have a Quick View if this model is  you are loo ept for:    
1. our EIF-PM548 rated at 5kw3000rpm48VDC can have rated torque at 15.2Nm, rated current at 120A, peak speed is 6000rpm, peak current is 400A. More Model list. 
 EIFPM Motor Technical Specification 

Rated Power Номинальное напряжение Номинальная скорость Номинальный крутящий момент Peak Power
5кВт 48В/60В/72В 3000 об/мин 15.2NM 10кВт
7.5KW 48В/60В/72В/96В/108В/144В 3000 об/мин 22,3 морских мили 16кВт
10кВт 60В/72В/96В/108В/144В 3000 об/мин 31,8 морских миль 24кВт
15кВт 96В/108В/144В 3000 об/мин 47,7 морских миль 32кВт
22кВт 96В/108В/144В 3000 об/мин 70,1 морских миль 50кВт
30кВт 310В 3000 об/мин 95.5NM 75кВт
60кВт 310В 3000 об/мин 191 нм 150кВт

Matching drive EIF-PMD548, can find this one under our “permanent magnet motor drive” in made-in-china, or get specification from our EIFPMG website.

2. It can be widely applied for electric truck, electric bus, cnc machine tools, mining mechnical equipments as driving power and you need the right control method preset by our matching drive.                                               
3. Please check the drawing below to see if suitable for you. There are several options. We can also customize.                        
4. Please send your details to get technical consultation for your actual usage

Please see videos of test and application at 

YouTube-канал EIFPMG)

Test Report Information: please get full test report from our technical department  . 

 P M  D R I V I N G  S Y S T E M
Модель № EIF-PM548 Номер версии 17.05
Product Type PM Motor, high capacity
Apply for New Energy Electric Vehicles, General Industry
1, Main Parameters
Параметры двигателя Имя PM MOTOR Модель № EIF-PM548
Стандарт ГБ/Т18488.1-2015 Cooling Method воздушное охлаждение
Connect Method Д Сделано в Китай
Rated Power(kW) 5 Пиковая мощность (кВт) 10
Номинальный крутящий момент (Нм) 15.2 Пиковый крутящий момент (Нм) 60
Номинальное напряжение (В постоянного тока) 48 Класс изоляции Ф
Protection Grade IP65 Wor ept Method S9
Weight(Kg) ≤18Kg Размер (мм) 200×216×290


Standard Drawing: we have current options of square and round shaped. Can customize if you have special requirement. 

Что мы сделаем для вас:                        
1. provide technical consultant before order and confirm your actual technical requirement according to your description on usage within 1-3 wor ept days;                        
2. supply the right and approved under serious quality inspection system stepper motor model within 10 days(if customized model,we will recheck the delivery time);                        
3. provide technical support when the motor arrives you, to make sure you can run your machine smoothly with our motor;               
4. provide 1 year warranty, and whole life technical support;                        
5. always update our product information with you.       

Please have a general impression on our strict production by pictures:           


Our effort for motor and drive system in electric vehicle and automation field application : about EIFMotor                        
2012-2013: Based on our production and RD ability of permanent magnet generator, we began to develop permanent magnet brushless motor for electric vehicle, and expanded motor applications to general ept use with its high efficiency.                    
2014: We expanded motor business to brushless dc, stepper/servo, asynchronous motor drive system, and made it as an important seperate part of business EIFMOTOR.                    
2015-2018: We enhanced our motor strengths on aspects: improve motor test line, combine servo motor, drive with gearbox to fulfil as intelligent unit, expand applications of asynchrnous motor to be a special customized motor part; For another part, we have cooperation with SUNATE EV, we can support EV assembly line construction projects, and supply our motor drive system together.                    

Now we have EIFMotor absorbedly improving automation and EV motor drive system field applications. We are putting our passion and effort in this great job.

Please follow us at website, facebook, twitter and youtube channel and grow automation and EV motor applications up together!


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5kw  price  China  in Pachuca de Soto Mexico  3000rpm 48V Customized EPT  Use Permanent Magnet AC Motor with top quality

5kw  price  China  in Pachuca de Soto Mexico  3000rpm 48V Customized EPT  Use Permanent Magnet AC Motor with top quality