in Kottayam India

 in Kottayam India

Getting gathered precious knowledge in cooperating with overseas customers, We can supply a total-range of electricity transmission items like chains, sprockets and plate wheels, pulleys, gearboxes, motors, couplings, gears and racks. The high precise CNC gear, this sort of as Slow-feeding wire-cut equipment, jig grinding equipment and electric discharge equipment, assures the top quality precision of mould processing, with the high efficient and environmental defense acid rolling line becoming the greatest raw materials converting equipment in the field in china The wildly use of automated milling machine, higher-speed automated feeding punch, high pace automated rolling and assembling device assures the higher high quality and efficiency of parts and chain creating.

 in Kottayam India


сменная муфта муфты rotex

Являясь одним из ведущих производителей, поставщиков и экспортеров гибких кулачковых муфт, мы предлагаем кулачковые муфты и многие другие муфты. Пожалуйста, обратитесь к нам за дополнительной информацией.

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